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January 2024 Meeting

Date Published: 20 Jan 2024 21:29

2023 was a very busy year for the LUG. We spent over 3000 hours on the Avatar project and displayed it in Idaho, Utah and California. We participated in many STEM events at several elementary schools and put on MOCFEST! in October. We are going to build on the momentum of last year by starting this year off quickly.  We have eight STEM events scheduled including:

  • BSU Engineering and Science Festival
  • Koelsch Elementary STEM Night
  • Hunter Elementary STEM Night
  • Roosevelt Elementary STEM Night
  • Hidden Springs Elementary STEM Night
  • Andrus Elementary STEM Night
  • Adam Elementary STEM Night
  • Compass Charter STEM Night

MOCFEST! 2024 will be on May 18th and 19th at ABU Games, planning is already in progress. We had a record number of builders bring MOCs last year and we are hoping to have even more participation this year. We are also planning on having many more events for our builders to make the show more engaging. Let us know if you have some ideas for engaging the builders in the Treasure Valley and beyond.

Show and Tell

Miniature version of the Natural History Museum Modular Building
Very detailed modular house with a full interior
A crown that can be worn
Is this a flail or a mace?
Landscape on a MILS plate for integration into a bigger scene

As always some fantastic builds and some great discussion within the group. Our next meeting is February 15th at 7PM where our theme is "Lovely Bricks"



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